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Asked Questions

How long does a boat wrap last?
Depending on the conditions and climate, a vinyl wrap will last for up to ten years. After this time the wrap may start to show signs of fading etc.

Will my boat need to be lifted out of the water to be wrapped?
For topside wrapping yes, however for some detailing work and superstructure wraps we can sometimes complete these in the water depending on location.
How do I clean my new wrap?
Very easily, simply wash the wrap with soapy water
How easy is it to repair a damaged section of vinyl?
With every vinyl wrap we provide a repair kit, if an area becomes damaged a simple patch is applied, and in most cases this gives a better repair than having paint repairs, due to the fact that the colour match is 100% and no blending is required.
Will I see joins?
Only if you are looking for them, the joins are not very noticeable and vary from colour to colour.


How long does a wrap take to install?
This is dependable on several factors from size of boat to design and profile. A 40ft boat on average takes 2-3 days. We also have to asses how much preparation time is needed before we install the wrap.
Is it easy to remove the wrap?
The wrap will simply peel away, made easier with some heat application. There may be a slight glue residue left behind but this is easily removed using a light solvent.


Will the wrap damage my boat?
No. The wrap will help protect your boat. We have applied wraps to many new boats, and years later when the wrap is removed the boat condition is kept like new.

Detailing Work

If you are after that unique look, our detailing service is sure to give you the results your looking for. With many specialty vinyls to choose from there is always a finish to fit.

The Colours

Choosing a vinyl boat wrap comes with a range of benefits. One of these is the large range of coulour and shade options that can be achieved when working with vinyl. This gives you a fully customizable look and the ability to transform your boat in a truly unique way.

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest news from UK boat wraps. We often run special promotions and blog about up coming events in the marine world.

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