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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

How Does It  Work?


The Survey

Before any works are undertaken we always conduct a full survey of the vessel to establish any areas of attention. These areas can be things such as, fixings that need to removed, scaffolding that my be needed and hull surface may need additional cleaning and degrease. Once we have undertaken the survey we can now establish timescales and provide a full written estimate.

Hull Preparation

Before any vinyl is applied we give the hull a good clean and finish by wiping over using antistatic lint free cloths.

Vinyl Wrap Measured And Cut

Lengths of vinyl wrap are rolled out and measured out against the hull to ensure exact sizes and position of any joins if required.

Vinyl Wrap Is Applied

The exciting part. Using various techniques dependable on each job we skillfully apply your vinyl wrap. ​With the wrap positioned , we carefully squeegee the wrap to ensure a strong and equal bond to the hull is achieved.

Finishing & Trimming

Once the wrap is in place we carefully trim the excess vinyl, paying particular attention to more detailed areas such as any fixings or profiled areas.


This is the part where we apply any stripes or logos. These can either be to original specifications or we can custom design. The very last step is to apply new boat names...

Detailing Work

If you are after that unique look, our detailing service is sure to give you the results your looking for. With many specialty vinyls to choose from there is always a finish to fit.

The Colours

Choosing a vinyl boat wrap comes with a range of benefits. One of these is the large range of coulour and shade options that can be achieved when working with vinyl. This gives you a fully customizable look and the ability to transform your boat in a truly unique way.

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest news from UK boat wraps. We often run special promotions and blog about up coming events in the marine world.

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